Halitosis – Embarrassing!!!

Lets face it, bad breath is embarrassing!  No…I don’t have halitosis.  Phew.  But there are people out there who do.  Have you ever been in a situation where you’re talking to someone and they let out this waft of stinky breath?  You start to edge backwards without being too obvious, or find something to cover your nose with!!!  Next time, maybe share these tips with them!!!

Here are some easy home remedies to fix halitosis.  At least…temporarily.  If you really find that you have bad breath consistently, please visit your local dentist as the problem could be more serious.

  1. Needless to say, this first remedy is to brush your teeth on a daily basis.  The best time to brush is right after a meal so that the food bacteria doesn’t linger and fester in your mouth.  Good oral hygiene is essential for our well-being.
  2. Herbs and spices in your kitchen are natural breath enhancers.  Chew on cloves, fennels, coriander, anise or even parsley to remove the smell!  The seeds of these spices contain antimicrobial properties that can help halt bad breath.
  3. Brush your tongue.  We often forget to do this but it is a very important step to help remove bacteria from our tongue that can cause your breath to smell.  So sweep that tongue!
  4. Ban certain beverages that can cause halitosis!  Drinks such as coffee, beer, wine or whiskey are top liquids that can cause halitosis.  It doesn’t mean you have to give up these drinks for good, but be aware of when you are drinking them, especially on an empty stomach!
  5. Lemon, lemon, lemon!  Lemon water or just pure lemon will help to remove bad breath too!  Who knew!
  6. Chew on mint leaves, mint candy or gum.  Although, this is only a cover up and is by no means a way to eliminate bad breath.  This is a quick fix if you’re meeting a friend, client or someone important and realize your mouth smells!
  7. Floss!  This is by far the hardest thing to do regularly.  Even I have trouble flossing on a daily basis.  But it is a really good habit not only for your teath and gums but also for bad breath.  Plaque and other remains from our daily intake of food stuck between teeth can cause halitosis.
  8. An apple a day keep the doctor AND bad breath away!
  9. Ease up on the cheese! Strong cheese such as blue cheese and other similar cheeses can really get a hold of your breath.  Stay away from them to avoid halitosis.
  10. A study reported to the International Association for Dental research suggests that eating plain yogurt for 6 weeks can sweeten your breath because it reduces levels of offensive compounds produced by bacteria in the mouth by 80%.   True or not?  Try it out!  Can’t hurt.

Alright, so this may not be the most fun subject to write about or even admit that you may have this problem.  But I wanted to share my findings with you all so…let me know if you have tried any of these methods and if they work or not!

Till next time kiddies…keep brushing 🙂


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