Food for Design

As many of you may know (or may not know), I am an interior designer by day.  I wish I could say that I am a blogger or vlogger, full-time, but until I actually get paid for eating and doing reviews, I still need to make a good living right?

My hope has been to merge the two passions that I have.  One for food and one for design.  I have a lot of creative ideas that I can definitely put together and see what you all think.  For now, let me share some awesome “food items” that can be used for interiors!

Ok, so, the ironic thing about this is I actually have a fake loaf of French bread sitting in my kitchen.  I have 2 loaves.  Now I actually have a use for it!  Who would’ve thought…

This is my dream.  Scratch ‘n sniff wallpaper.  Do you guys remember the stickers from your childhood days?  I never got over those days.  Yeah…so now…I want this in my house!!!  No joke.  Maybe not in this exact pattern but something fun.  I can see this in my kitchen on my feature wall.

If I had this chair in my house, I don’t think it would still look intact.  I’d probably be trying to eat the chair all day long, especially if it looks like dark chocolate!

Sharing one last one with you…rugs that are made to resemble salami!!!  Who thinks of these things?  Whoever you are…you’re all genius. 

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