A Life of Food and Fears

I hate to admit it but as I get older, it seems, the more fears I have.  For one thing, I fear the thought of our food and resources running out one day.  I mean, how can Gourmand Chic not have any food to eat or choose from?  What foods are they going to ban in the future that I should enjoy and eat as much of as I can now?  I fear things I put in my body and what it will do to my body yet sometimes I cannot control my urges.  Much like in life. 

But beyond food…yes, my mind is quite incapable of thinking of much else…I do have other fears that I live with.I am a person who is very passionate about things.  I am not afraid to show my feelings yet on the same token I want to protect myself from being hurt.  I think often life numbs us and the more bad experiences we go through, the more closed off we are to others.  I have fallen into that trap but I have to tell you, I do make a very conscious effort to evaluate myself constantly to see how I can do things differently or adapt to a situation I am not comfortable in.  I pride myself in holding high values but I expect the same from others.

Where are our fears really based?  Have you ever asked yourself where your fear stems from?  What if we took our fears to their extremes and just tackled them?  Would we still fear as much?  Perhaps we would fear even more?

I remember being a baby and loving apples.  My parents have told me that as a baby I could hold an apple for hours until it turns brown and I still don’t want to let go.  That sort of applies to me too today.  I like to hold on to things and not let go, and like the apple it can start to rot, but I am still holding on.  Call it an immature fancy of things but I have a fear of losing things/people (whether or not it is in my control is irrelevant).  I just don’t like to lose anything dear to me.

But what is it that truly brings you happiness in life?  Is it that new iPhone?  Is it travelling on a private jet?  Is it financial freedom?  The liberty of being able to experience new things?  Meet new people?  Buying a newer and bigger house?  Having the newest model of that Aston Martin you have been dreaming about?  Finding your soulmate?  Getting married and starting a family? 

I could go on and on because everyone’s happiness and fears are defined by their own attitude and view on life.  My happiness comes from being creative and the need to fulfill that side of me.  My fear?  Is the lack of creativity.  I don’t think I could live without doing something that needs to bring my imagination to life.

Starting Gourmand Chic a few months back really brought back that inspiration into my life.  I think with the economy being the way it is, an interior designer such as myself is finding a vacuum in the inspirational arena.  Projects are now limited to small areas and whatever bread and butter projects to keep a company afloat, which isn’t always the most exciting.  But my love for food, or anyone’s love for food, is constant and doesn’t need to depend on anything except the fact that we all need to eat to survive.  So why not make it dynamic and tap into all our senses? 

Food has once again saved my life and has put my fears at bay…at least for the time being. 

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I love to travel to new places and try exotic new foods ! Follow me on my journey!


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