Hong Kong People Shallow?

Today my blog is asking the question why are people in HK so shallow generally speaking.  Of course there are exceptions to the case but it seems the vast majority of people are influenced by the shallow or money oriented culture.

LV bags,  Prada shoes,  expensive restaurants,  luxury cars, penthouse apts.  The list could go on and on for HK culture and society.  I’m not saying these things are exceptionally bad.  Luxurys create a higher standard of living for people create a more comfortable quality of life for some.  (I dirive a luxury car myself) but why then does HK take things to such extreme?  Why the excessive shallowness in HK culture?

Is it because some parents just throw money at their kids?  Is it because HK is a reltively new city compared to other more historical cities inthe world and has been built on trade and investment.  Is it the jewish like culture of the chinese?

I think these all play into it.  But when in the world are we going to realize that our quality of lie doesn’t come from how much money we have (of course basic comfort is impt a middle class income to take care of basic needs and leave you relatively free of financial worry) But from the quality of our relationships?

Also why is art and culture put on such a back burner commercially in HK?  Why is there so little emphasis from our society on the finer things in life like expression of Chinese culture or international culture and art.  Most especially art. 

Its seems that in HK the only art you will see is at expensive boutiques.  Yes in comparable cities inthe world London NY and Tokyo there is a much more flurishing art culture even districts of artists. 

It seems we’ve forgotten the beauty of the arts for the love of business or that somehow on HK long and ardious struggle to develop into an international business center we just left art and culture on the road side like an old abandoned hunk ofjunk.

When will we have more expressions of the arts and culture in HK.  Whether is be western or chinese.  Is it because so many of our parents shun the artists life to a very difficult life of financial misery? 

Activities like tea, Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, Poetry, Philosophy,  School plays, Broadway shows, Scuplture, Ceramics, traditional music,  jazz, latin, classical, painting.  Where are glorious art and cultural centers to enjoy in HK?

After all whats a world citiy without strong empahsis on culture and art?


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One Comment on “Hong Kong People Shallow?”

  1. Rithipol
    June 3, 2017 at 2:11 pm #

    They are so shallow. Most judge based situations kept based on apparent looks. I don’t know how you can get anymore shallow than that!

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