Fig Tart – yes or no?

Normally I would have to say that I am not a fig person.  My mom always loved figs but I never understood what she found so delicious about them.  Growing up she always offered it to me every time she ate it and every time I would shake my head because my first taste of it did not leave the greatest impression.  However, my friend who started the WOM Guide in Hong Kong posted this picture 6 hours ago and made me rethink giving figs another try.

This enticing picture that captivated my attention for a split second is a fig tart made by pastry chef Cheryl Koh of Cépage.  As with all things in life, we change.  Our tastes buds change over time.  Who knows.  Perhaps I might fall in love with it.

So, do you like figs?  Shall I give it another shot?  Yes or no?

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2 Comments on “Fig Tart – yes or no?”

  1. September 1, 2012 at 7:05 am #

    I say “yes.” Why, you may ask. When I was growing up, my father would always encourage me to try new foods, which was why I believe I have an adventurous aspect toward food I have never tried. Then again, this wise man also prompted me to try foods that I tried before, but found distasteful for one reason or another. These foods included, but were not limited to, cottage cheese, asparagus, stewed tomatoes, sweet peas and yogurt. Today I enjoy these and many other foods I would have never eaten again if it wasn’t for his advice. He told me on more than one occasion, “I heard that your taste changes about every seven years. Try it again, you might be surprised.” You were right dad. He was always right, and that is why I say, “Yes, give it another shot.”

    • September 1, 2012 at 1:19 pm #

      I agree with you. My mom taught me the EXACT same thing which is why she kept asking me again and again if I wanted to have some figs. I too, like you, disliked many foods as a young child which I know really enjoy. Maybe you are right. It is time to make a change!

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