Buffet The Smart Way

I went with my parents to the JW Marriott buffet at the Cafe for the first time.  The Mariott Cafe is located on the 5th floor.

My mom recommended for me to try it and write a blog about it to show you all.  It was definitely an interesting experience as I have never had buffet served this way.  It was served with the option of only picking one or all three.  Sounds confusing?  I was a bit confused at first too.  Basically, the buffet offers a noodle bar section, salad bar section, international section and a dessert bar section.  You can either pick one savory or all three if you so choose.  Dessert is also another option.  They price it based on what you end up selecting.  If you choose all of them, the price is a flat rate.

Here is a photo overview of what they have for the buffet:

They change the international food buffet all the time to feature a different cuisine.  Today’s feature was Indian cuisine

So many types of curry!!!  I really do enjoy curry.  The strange thing I find is a lot of Chinese people aren’t fond of Indian food

My parents and I decided to each get a different buffet so we could try all three.  My mom ended up going for the international buffet although half-way through she said I would probably have enjoyed it more than her.  I agree.  I am big on Indian food

I decided to go for the salad bar because it just looked so amazing, not to mention healthy

You get a huge glass bowl and fill it up with the different types of greens you want.  Then you move on and add your proteins and other condiments.  Once your bowl is filled you hand it over to the Chef who will mix it for you along with your dressing of choice

Here is my salad being mixed.  I loved watching the Chef do his magic

Voila!  Doesn’t it look sumptuous?  It was so good I had to pat myself on the back for my creation 

My dad took the noodle buffet option which looked incredibly fun.  I think of all three this one was the most fun to create

My dad is definitely a noodle guy whereas I love my rice.  The selection of fish balls and meat balls were amazing

My dad’s noodle bowl ready to be cooked.  Doesn’t it just look like it will be so delicious?

And delicious it was.  I had a taste and I could have eaten the whole bowl

I thought long and hard about having dessert so I decided to go see what they were serving.  I think this strawberry and blueberry cheesecake made up my mind for me.  Once I saw this I knew I had to go for it.

Chocolate for a chocoholic like myself

Mango Mousse Cake.  It was so light and refreshing

Vanilla Macaroons.  All of you know I love my macaroons.  I ate 4 of these on top of everything else I had eaten too

Green Tea Dessert Cup

Fruit Sponge Cake

Hope all these pictures made you salivate and want to go try this buffet if you haven’t already.  It is one of the more reasonably priced buffets I have seen in Hong Kong.  In fact, writing this blog and posting these pictures made me really hungry.  My stomach is complaining right now so I am going to take off  and get myself something to eat!!!  Until next time!!!

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One Comment on “Buffet The Smart Way”

  1. September 23, 2012 at 3:31 pm #

    Great story! Thank you for sharing. Maybe we should have something similar at University of Massachusetts Dining Services. I think I will try a bit of everything of the buffet when I am there.

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