Bacon shortage?

I was very alarmed a few days ago when a friend of mine alerted me about a possible pork shortage leading to a global crisis that seems “unavoidable”.  In disbelief, I read the article (link provided below) and was shocked at first.  However, I let the article sink in and my brain started churning.  It really should come as no surprise.  The way we farm and eat animals, something to this magnitude was bound to happen.  Despite what you may believe, it isn’t the pigs that are a cause of the shortage.  Rather, the culprit are the rising prices for both soy and corn leaving a lot of farmers unable to afford to sustain their pig population.  Canada, USA and UK seems to be the heavily affect whilst Asia is still safe for the time being.

On the surface it made sense why bacon lovers would be dismayed to hear such news.  However, if you think deeper into this situation like I did, what scared me even more is this – if the price of soy and corn is rising, then pigs won’t be the only animal affected.  We rely so heavily on these two products for everything.  Couldn’t this mean a worldwide shortage?  I am not trying to cause a panic here so I would love to hear your opinions.

What are your thoughts on this article?

National Post: Worldwide Bacon Shortage Unavoidable?

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2 Comments on “Bacon shortage?”

  1. September 28, 2012 at 11:22 am #

    I think we all knew this would happen some day. The growing population putting an unprecedented demand on the market, and to complicate this we have the Wall Street traders, who know nothing about the world, forcing prices up beyond the means of the common persons budget. We’re in for a tough ride, I am trying to inform my family and friends how to be best prepared for coming storm. I pray we can make it through the tough times ahead.

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