C’est La B


I have been wanting to try this cute little bar & cafe since I knew Bonnie Gokson opened this pastry shop.  There are two locations for C’est La B and I went to the one located at Tai Hang, Hong Kong.  From the exterior you can tell it is a charming little place with a butterfly theme.  Feminine yet fun, the moment you walk in it not only is the interior a focal point but so are the array of colorful pastries.


I was tempted to order at least 4 pastries that appealed to my immediately and had I had the stomach or capacity to do so I would have.  But suffice it to say I will just have to come back again and again to try each and every cake.


I even loved the menu.  Look at the name of all desserts and snacks.  It is so like Miss Gokson to come up with such creative and whimsical names to match the pastries.  Which one appeals to you?  Do you know which one I ended up ordering?  Take a guess!


I apologize for the quality of the pictures but I only had my iPhone with me that day and not my Nikon.  My friend, Elisa, took me here and it was sort of on a whim so I was prepared.  But as they say, the best camera is the one you have on you.  This dessert is called “Better Than Sex.”  I love chocolate so this was my first choice as it looked so very appealing.  And does it live up to it’s name?  I would say it comes close *wink* but not quite there!


To go with my dessert I ordered my favorite Hong Kong drink – an Ice Lemon Tea.



As you can see, it was not an easy choice.  Everything looked so enticing.  I had to narrow down to three and then from the three I finally decided on Better Than Sex.  Also, Elisa had it before and said she recommended it so I trusted her opinion as well.


Look at this cake!  I am usually not a girly-girly, however, when I saw this cake I thought to myself “Would it not be fun to order this cake for my next birthday and have a party with a butterfly theme?”  Some food for thought!  Ha ha ha.  Me thinks me likes this idea of having a themed birthday party.  I have never done that before.  Perhaps even make everyone come with wings on.  Hey…look what a review can do for me.  An entire idea is born.  I know, I am silly.  Afterall, I am a writer and a creator!  I do have experience at event planning so ideas flow into my mind pretty easily.


After all that eating and drinking, I decided to pay a visit to the ladies room.  I have to see the restroom in every establishment I go to because sometimes it can really surprise you.  Like this toilet, it’s in pink!!!


Even the decal on the ceilings around the hanging pendants were in the shape of butterfly wings.


I think it is about time to go back and try some more yummy pastries.  What do you say?

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2 Comments on “C’est La B”

  1. March 3, 2013 at 1:36 am #

    Beautiful! Looks good, tastes good. The details are absolutely charming. Love how you described that better than sex dessert. Lol

  2. March 3, 2013 at 9:20 am #

    I agree ~ have a butterfly themed birthday cake for your birthday! It all looked fabulous!

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