Healthy Eating Day 3

Today is a new day – salad day!  I definitely had my fair share of greens from morning till night.  I find it relatively easy to make salad or buy salad anywhere.  I decided to make this a salad day because despite how we are constantly taught that leafy greens are good for our bodies, the average American only chooses salad, as a meal, a shocking 36 times a year.  As part of my research, I decided one salad would be made at home and the other bought outside.

   Day 3 Salad Spread

Making a salad at home is a lot of fun to me.  I always love to scavenge and see what ingredients I have in the refrigerator that I can throw together to make the most creative salad of the day.  I was able to kill two birds with one stone for lunch.  Made a salad and worked it into my Cooking for Kids app I am currently working on.  Thierry Brouard is my friend and talented photographer from Paris, who is working on this project with me amongst others.  I am proud to have him as part of my growing Gourmand Chic team.

Ingredients used for this salad are:

Mixed greens







The dressing?  Quite simple:

Sesame Oil

Olive Oil

Soya Sauce

Balsamic Vinaigrette

Garlic Salt


Day 3 Salad Final

The end result being a refreshingly tasty salad that you can eat bowls and bowls of!  I think a lot of Americans find it tedious to make a salad at home as it does take some work to wash everything and chop everything to mix together.  But don’t make easy excuses.  A lot of stores have pre-packaged salads ready to go that saves you the trouble of having to do all the work.  Some of those salads have a lot of variety and doesn’t taste bad at all.

And if making a salad really doesn’t appeal to you, run out and buy one.  For dinner, I decided to think what was in the area around me that I could easily run to and buy a salad and have some choices.  The immediate places that jumped to mind were Corner Bakery and Panera Bread.  I decided to go to Corner Bakery.

Day 3 Salad Dinner
This is their chopped salad which I like a lot.  To me I don’t necessarily need any meat in my salad but I need to have hearty portions.  I didn’t find myself hungry at the end of today at all despite eating so much greens.  I was left feeling very satisfied and happy with myself.  I ended the day feeling good and that’s what is important when eating healthy, is to feel good about yourself.

Being able to easily find salad just goes to prove that it isn’t difficult to stick to healthy choices even when eating out.  So think smart next time you decide to eat out.  Remember though, the best option is to always eat at home.

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2 Comments on “Healthy Eating Day 3”

  1. March 29, 2014 at 1:35 am #

    Day 2 looks Ok. Once a healthy choice has been made and happy about it, then everything is fine. Waiting for day 4

    • April 1, 2014 at 12:06 am #

      Thanks. Yeah…it is all about choices and what we choose to buy too to make sure we have the right choices

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