Finally Went To Slapfish!

I have no idea why I waited this long to try out Slapfish, but a few days ago I finally made it over to the Huntington Beach location for lunch.


From the exterior of the restaurant it looks very unassuming. Once you walk in the design is very casual and clean. Immediately you can tell that seafood, especially lobster, is what they are known for.


First thing I did was check in on Yelp for my free lobster toast. Before even stepping foot in here I already knew I wanted to try the Lobster Roll which Slapfish is famous for. I searched the menu for one more item and decided on the Chowder Fries.


I got my number and went to find a table. As I sat down, I was charmed by this Old Bay Seasoning tin can that sat there calling my name!


When my free lobster toast came, I sprinkled some on and took a bite. I was hit by the seasoned taste of my appetizer and wolfed it down as I was hungrier than I expected. I then sat in anticipation for what I came to Slapfish for.



Not long after both my fries and roll was served. I sniffed in the aroma and immediately started digging in. The fries were robust in flavor and I absolutely loved the idea of chowder on them. It wasn’t too salty, I even added more Old Bay Seasoning on them.

The lobster roll was refreshing. Wasn’t too heavy and the balance of everything was perfect in terms of the amount. However, the cost of $22 was a bit high in my opinion. Now, I am someone who is willing to pay for food, however, as delicious as the lobster roll was I doubt I will pay this price again for another one. For the experience though, I am glad I did.

Overall, I had a good lunch and drove back to work with a full and happy stomach!


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2 Comments on “Finally Went To Slapfish!”

  1. Brian
    May 14, 2014 at 11:24 am #

    Looks good. Need to try the next time I am down. If we have time haha

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