Art Institute

Memories of my days in culinary school.  I enjoyed every moment of it.  Everything I do in my life, I plan.  When I started culinary school I had just started my Gourmand Chic profile and YouTube videos.  Culinary school was my aim to help give me the kitchen skills and knowledge I needed to take Gourmand Chic to the next level.  And here I am today doing pretty well with over 100 videos on YouTube and a wide array of friends in the culinary industry.  I am also currently working on my cookbook which I hope to be able to publish in a year or so.

For now, please browse through my random photos from school and the unforgettable memories I will always carry with me.

I learned so much from my fundamentals class and find it to be truly detrimental to advancing into any other class.  Chef Wagner was one of the best teachers I could have for this class ad he not only pushed me to be better but was a great teacher and mentor.

Note:  There will be pictures to come from my other classes.  Check back for updates soon! – Nicole

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