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Best Of 2012, Best of Me

At the beginning of every new year, I like to look back on the previous year and see all that I have experienced and learned.  I feel it is important for us to do this not only to appreciate what we have gone through but to also glean from what experiences we have had and […]

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Happy National Pasta Day

I don’t normally get involved in these national food holidays or whatever days there are because every day is some sort of day it seems.  Sounds confusing?  Well it is to me too.  But when I found out that October 17th is National Pasta Day I had to write a blog in honor of my […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Near and Far

This is the pork trio platter that I ate at the Cayman Cookout 2012.  It was scrumptious and this picture takes me back to that epic lunch buffet.  I can still taste the pork in my mouth just looking at it.  This is my first submission for the Weekly Photo Challenge.  I am super excited […]

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