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Weekly Photo Challenge – Mine

This is mine.  My creation.  My dish.  This weeks photo challenge allowed me to bring to the table something new.  It is a bowl of Chinese noodle soup paired with chicken, mushrooms and wood ear.  Sounds simple?  Plating also makes a huge impact when creating a dish.  I love red and decided that this would […]

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Why so serious?

I often think of creative ways to have fun with food and not be such the “serious Chef” all the time. As with life, my approach to cooking is that you do it with passion, creativity and most of all have fun with it! Breakfast is one of the meals I experiment with the most. […]

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Tamago is a sweet Japanese omelet used in making maki, nigiri and Temaki sushi. But you can just serve it as is with wasabi and soy sauce if you like ^_^ I learnt of this recipe from my friend in the Philippines who is a pastry chef and would like to share this with you all as […]

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