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Sweet Potato with Honey and Cream Recipe

One of my all time favorite chefs is Ferran Adrià.  El Bulli is a restaurant that has been on my list of places to try but now that dream is not going to happen as he closed the restaurant in 2012 saying it was due to “massive monetary loss”.  However, I still follow all that he […]

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Marbella’s Full Moon

Since Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is just around the corner, I am thinking of posting a few festive blogs in the upcoming week revolving around this September celebration.  I loved Moon Festival growing up because not only was I able to eat lots of moon cakes but I loved the idea of going out at night […]

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So Good I Could Eat It

This past Christmas, my cousin gave me a wonderful set of Philosophy cream, bath wash and lip gloss that I was ecstatic about.  I managed to use everything up and only have the lip gloss left!  I have always loved Philosophy products but don’t know why I haven’t tried every single one of them as […]

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