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Daily Prompt: Places

When I saw this theme “places” so many ideas jumped to my mind.  I have traveled the world quite a bit and thought maybe I should show my favorite places.  However, having spent the past 7 months in Hong Kong after being away for 12 years has made me open my eyes to the beauty […]

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Daily Prompt: First Light

You may find me strange but when I see first light and open my eyes from a nice sleep, I think “What will I be eating today?”  I literally do love my food.  Many people enjoy food or find it a necessity to survive.  For me, I savor every bite, I appreciate every dish and […]

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See You in 20

What will you look like in 20 years?  This is me now. Will you still like to cook with colorful pots?  Will you still cook at all? Will you still find beauty in the simple things? Will you still love photography?  Will you have exhibited any like you always dreamed of? Will you still live […]

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