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Healthy Eating Day 3

Today is a new day – salad day!  I definitely had my fair share of greens from morning till night.  I find it relatively easy to make salad or buy salad anywhere.  I decided to make this a salad day because despite how we are constantly taught that leafy greens are good for our bodies, […]

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Buffet The Smart Way

I went with my parents to the JW Marriott buffet at the Cafe for the first time.  The Mariott Cafe is located on the 5th floor. My mom recommended for me to try it and write a blog about it to show you all.  It was definitely an interesting experience as I have never had […]

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Grand View with Lunch

One of the many things I love about Hong Kong is that often you get a spectacular view to go with most meals.  Having lunch at The American Club in Central did just that.  We have a lot of reclaimed land in Hong Kong due to lack of space and too many people.  Regardless, of […]

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