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Marbella’s Full Moon

Since Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is just around the corner, I am thinking of posting a few festive blogs in the upcoming week revolving around this September celebration.  I loved Moon Festival growing up because not only was I able to eat lots of moon cakes but I loved the idea of going out at night […]

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Tamago is a sweet Japanese omelet used in making maki, nigiri and Temaki sushi. But you can just serve it as is with wasabi and soy sauce if you like ^_^ I learnt of this recipe from my friend in the Philippines who is a pastry chef and would like to share this with you all as […]

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Wine in Cooking

  Some substitutes for wine in recipes: Non-alcoholic wine or beer. Chicken, fish or beef stock. Vegetable stock. Water and a little Balsamic Vinegar. Pomegranate juice. Grape juice, apple juice, orange juice, etc. Carrot juice. Syrup from canned fruit. Cranberry juice. White grape juice and a few drops of lemon juice or sugar, depending on […]

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