Champagne and Hats

I join my friend Elisa to watch the Melbourne Cup 2012 horse race in the Hong Kong Jockey Club.  Please take a look and subscribe!

I Smell Something Fishy…

I woke up nice and early at 5:00 am to take a look at the Venice fish market in action.  Take a look at my video above and if you enjoy it please subscribe to my channel.

First Meal In Venice

After a long 9 hour layover in Paris, I finally reached Venice where I found myself starving!  While exploring the streets I discovered a cute little restaurant that peaked my interest.  Step in with me and take a look.

All You Can Eat Sushi

This is probably the best sushi place in Guelph, Ontario.  Owned by Chinese, they run a pretty cozy and clean restaurant.  Take a look.

Street Foods of Hong Kong

Nothing beats getting down and dirty and eating local food right off the streets.  Always find it to be the best tasting and so fun too.  Hong Kong has amazing steet food and I completely recommend you going to Mong Kok to try some.

Diwa Indian Cuisine

I have to say that although I do not eat Indian food all the time I do crave it once in awhile, even when I am traveling.  Finding a good Indian restaurant really makes me happy because I enjoy their buffets where I can get a bit of everything.

Someone Cares Soup Kitchen

Volunteering in a soup kitchen is not only a great experience but you are also doing something good for the community.  It can be grueling and most of the time you have to get there really early.  However, it certainly is rewarding and fun too!

Ribfest 2012

I have never been to an event like Ribfest before.  There were plenty of good food and good people too! (Canadians eh?).  Take a look as I stuff my face with ribs and chicken.

Mad Wolf Mongolian BBQ

This review will slightly differ from the rest as it is up to the customer to create their own dish. Mongolian BBQ is a fun and satisfying way to fulfill your appetite.  For those who have not experienced this type of cuisine before then please check out this video.

Orange Food Festival

As you all know, I love anything to do with food.  Food Festivals is one of my favorite things to attend because you can get a variety of cuisines all in one place.  Besides the heat, it was a great day of eating and dancing and plain good old fun!  Now let me find the next food festival I can go to…SOON!

Medieval Times Dinner

This was such a fun evening.  Food, horses, knights in shining armor…I felt like a Lady all night.  Even though our Yellow Knight didn’t win, everyone had a ton of fun cheering him on.  I would definitely recommend anyone to go to Medieval Times.  In fact, I am ready to go back myself!

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