Creative Table Settings for Home Parties – Lesson 1

A few months ago I mentioned that I would be trying out different ways to set a table at home when you have guests over.  It can be for lunch, dinner or even breakfast or afternoon tea.  I tend to be more of a colorful planner and love mixing and matching.  I like to add unexpected accessories or fun things on the table to make it more interesting. When guests come over for dinner at my place it isn’t just about the food or the company, it is the whole experience. Here are a sampling of a few ideas for you to try out at home.

A dinner set up for a more formal Chinese meal

A closer look at the setting

For traditional Chinese tea here, I used mix-matched patterns on the cups but all in blue to make it less predictable yet still have a uniformity to it

Another very traditional way to serve Chinese tea is in a tray

I always like to find unique ways to serve food.  Try putting Chinese clear soup into a teapot and pouring it into a teacup.  Guests will be pleasantly surprised and makes for a great conversation starter

To make guests feel more special, place name cards even for an informal dinner.  Adds a nice touch.

If you are having a small party with friends to watch the Oscars or even game night, try and set up a casual and fun setting in front of your TV and use stools or large cushions to sit on the floor.  

Whenever I go shopping for plates, I try and buy the most odd shaped ones so that I can serve my dishes like so.  I was lucky to have found exactly the shape I needed for my version of “lettuce wraps”

Here I placed rice in a serving bowl with a cover and sprinkled black sesame seeds for added decoration


Guests would be thrilled to walk into your dinner and be “surprised” by a dish served in a small bowl and uncovered at the table after everyone is served

This was a setting I did for a more casual lunch party at home.  I used circular jade pieces to set the plates on over the regular place mat to add flair.  This makes a typical setting less predictable, which to me is what entertaining is all about, and allows guests to be “oohed and aahed”

For now, this should keep you busy with trying new ideas at your home parties.  There will be more lessons to come so keep your eyes out if you want to see more!!!  Parties are popular to throw in Hong Kong and I am sure to be throwing many more!

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